Insulation Cup stink is how a matter(Hits:) 
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Insulation Cup winter can be heat, summer can be cool, very useful, more and more by the users favorite, but with the use of more and more people, found that many users reaction: insulation cup with easy to stink, insulation cup is not bad drinks or other bad things, and even when no device will still stink insulation Cup, that smell is how a matter?
After analyzing the possible reasons are as follows: may use insulation foam cup of tea, not clear in time. Because the insulation cup is a sealed environment, cannot be ventilated, tea is easy to be damaged for a long time, will produce a faint odor . If it is ordinary glass, had dissipated, and the temperature inside the cup not be distributed in time, accumulating, formed the odor. Xiaobian had kind of experience: that is used ( in a tea cup with tea functions also have insulation Cup function ), because it is just started selling tea cup, so often contains tea everywhere demonstration, tea is not much, can not change often have a cup of tea, bubble there had not changed, after a few days he found very smelly, because the tea 's reason.
Some people find no boxes or any liquid insulation Cup sometimes smelly, is this why? Actually is the same reason. We found through experiment, we cup tea, beverage, usually cleaning is not very clean, especially the bottom of the cup cleaning is not complete, there will be tea scale, grease. These will breed bacteria produce odor. We have the user response to even a really clean, no tea scale, grease cup may also give off a bad smell. We have asked in detail about the discovery, the user often is away on official business, insulation Cup after not dry, will be built at home, and then a few days, maybe several weeks not. Because he has a lot of water in the cup, in the sealed environment these water has always been on the inside of the cup to go out for a long time, the water is bad, just like our home with hot water bottles, coffee pot, after a long time to stink. Make sense.
Insulation Cup thermal insulation function although there is a good side but used incorrectly will appear the bad side, that how to properly use the thermos cup?


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