Insulation cup of tea can preserve a several day(Hits:) 
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In general, only the bubble day drink, do not use insulation Cup tea!
Experts remind:
Do not use insulation cup of tea, because tea contains a variety of vitamins and aromatic substances, at high temperature and the temperature will be greatly reduced, the bubble tea also had astringent flavor. Can make tea or boiling water, or the tea packed in foam filter, or tea rich in vitamins and minerals will be lost out.
There are a lot of attention in different parts of tea, tea brewing methods, although different, but the basic requirements.
Tips : the science of tea
Half an hour after a meal to drink tea, do not eat and drink tea.
If drink tea with the meal, it is best to eat fruit after dinner or vitamin C tablets. This can increase the body's absorption of iron.
Green tea contains rich vitamin C, iron absorption effect is small, can drink.


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