Farewell " plastic water " with insulation Cup(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2017-01-17
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The earliest, the well water of coal mine workers with mostly military kettle, commonly known as the "old turtle pot ". But the condition is poor, after a period of time, " the old turtle pot " were mostly bump into " old flat pot ". Later, all kinds of mineral water, drinks, not afraid Kepeng beverage bottle immediately became the coal miner 's "new favorite ". However, the beverage bottle by a hot boiling water will give off a pungent smell of plastic, so water is mine workers dubbed the " plastic water ".
Now, to each employee with a thermal insulation cup. Numbered, easily recognizable; stainless steel, not afraid of them; a litre, worker of a class can drink hot boiling water, bid farewell to the harmful to health "plastic water ".


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