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Electric coffee pot only dripping type A, subdivide into only for coffee at the end of the regular coffee pot, can be their own coffee beans in 1 coffee machine and can make milk foam Italy steam coffee pot, can also be used to send friends and family gifts cup.
If you are a nine-to-fiver, time is limited, so cheap price of the ordinary type coffee pot is a good choice, but if you drink coffee level has to " have a fever " realm, then grind the coffee punching mellow, and head beautiful milk foam, cast a delicious cinnamon of Italy roasted coffee would be your best choice.
From the use of the specifications, household electric coffee pot power below 1000W is sufficient, capacity of 0.5~0.8L, salt 4~8 cups of coffee, if often entertain friends or family population is more, also can buy capacity bigger, but best not more than 1.5L.
From the aspect of quality, electric coffee pot appearance should be a harmony of colors, the production of fine crafts, to all parts of the damage, the rough is not allowed, the bottom of the kettle without water leakage is the minimum requirement. Electric coffee pot, the most important thing is to use, the leakage is very dangerous, so the electrical components of good insulation is the most basic request, power plugs and sockets should be reliable socket. Each control knob switch should be flexible in operation.
Electric coffee pot can not empty burning
As with the majority of kitchen appliances, electric coffee pot can not empty burning, you must first install water and coffee at the end and then turn on the power supply, never in the empty pot state power, it does not burn the electric coffee pot. In the cooking of the coffee pot, to keep the water level inside the case, if the water is nearly dry, should be promptly cut off the power, otherwise it will burn the pot body.
Pay attention to the waterproof
Electric coffee pot, not dry, but can not add too much, otherwise the boiling water will overflow water wet electric heating element. At the same time, don't let the water splashing water kettle body electrical parts, so as not to reduce the insulation performance. In the cleaning coffee pot, not directly the kettle body is immersed in water, and shall respectively take out the filter, filter cleaning, other components preferably with a clean soft cloth to wipe.
Periodic cleaning
Electric coffee pot first before use, should first boil two pot boiling water, to remove undesirable flavor. Then according to the use of 2-5 times a year cleaning. Method is, join 50ml vinegar in coffee making program drip cup, set aside for 20 minutes, then start the water in the water tank is all taxes net, shut down after 5 minutes, reoccupy clear water to operate 1~2 times can be.


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