Yongkang Enterprises: from the insulation cup to thermal insulation kettle(Hits:) 
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November 6th afternoon, the China Light Industry Federation of organizations of the examination, Yongkang city officially won the " China Cup " title, which is named "China's door " after the title, Yongkang has acquired a piece of a gilded signboard. As one of the pillar industries of Yongkang hardware glass industry, after years of development, the same industry at home and abroad, have occupied the absolute leading position.
But Yongkang's enterprises in the chain of products innovation to do the work, not only insulation cup to do good, but extends out insulation pot industry, some people will ask, thermos bottle is not insulation pot, this extra insulation pot did not make an unnecessary move, actually otherwise. Thermal insulation kettle mainly for home furnishing, and other meeting places of the inherent characteristics, and professional development of a new product category, its predecessor by thermos bottle, thermos cup evolved, also known as the coffee pot.
Thermal insulation kettle shell with bamboo, plastic, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials, thermal insulation bottle mouth with a rubber washer, the bottom of the bottle with a bowl shaped rubber pad, which is fixed to the glass liner, to prevent the collision with shell. Thermos insulation, cold insulation function worst is bottleneck around, more heat by conduction mode of circulation in the. Therefore, manufacturing is as short as possible bottlenecks, the greater the smaller capacity and the mouth of the bottle thermos bottle, heat preservation effect is better, under normal circumstances, 12 hours can make the bottle of cold kept at 4. About C. Boiling water at 60. About C.
Thermos bottle with people's work, life closely. A laboratory with storage of chemicals, picnic, the football match when people use it to store food and drink. In recent years the thermos bottle is added many new tricks, a pressure thermos bottle, thermos bottle, contact. By virtue of the Yongkang people of one's ability and cleverness, believe that the future of insulation pot industry is bright.


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