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From the point of current market condition, the cup occupies a very large market share, and occupies a large share of the glass, in the life of the people is the people's essential glass container, so it is a large demand for glass.
Glass bottles products have great prospects for development, the attendant is daily glass bottle machinery industry development. However, our country and international packaging bottles per capita consumption exists very big difference, even by 2010 to achieve total output achieves 13200000 tons, still with the international consumption level has certain distance.
As the glass products industry, glass factory will gradually to the group of production development, formed the scale of production capacity, the electronic timing control in the ten groups and more than ten sets of double dropping machine production line will face bigger market demand.
At present, in the glass industry, glass-forming machine production line is in to multiple groups of segments, dropping direction, the ten group and the ten group above double-drip feed bottle machine has larger proportion, but also for electronic timing control. Domestic glass machinery industry in the column type bottle-making machine still with six groups of a single drop of the ranks of machine, and most mechanical drum timing, mechanical transmission, efficiency is very low.
The world is full of challenges and opportunities, daily glass bottle machinery industry are faced with the same test and selection, daily glass bottle machinery industry how to meet the challenges -- this is should value
To ponder the question.
Therefore, the glass in the market have great scene, each glass company is ready to meet market demand changes.


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