Thermal insulation kettle selection skills(Hits:) 
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Thermal insulating products from the material into the glass vacuum heat insulation container and stainless steel vacuum thermal insulation container two, the former are common thermos glass liner, insulation boxes, insulation Cup, the latter mainly stainless steel insulation cup. However, a small, portable, bench seat type, purchase method has similar place, specific products according to the specific situation of minor modifications. The stainless steel insulation cup and glass thermos bottle choose to do a brief introduction.
Stainless steel insulation cup can be used as identification method:
( 1) insulation performance simple identification method: the boiling water is poured into the insulation Cup clockwise screwing bottle or cup cover 2-3 minutes to touch the cup body surface, if the cup ( pot) has evident warming phenomenon, especially in the lower part of the cup body heat, stating that the product has lost its vacuum degree, can not achieve good thermal insulation effect insulation, and lower part of the cup is always cool. Error: someone listening with ears are buzzing sound to determine the thermal insulation performance, the ear is inaudible or vacuum.
( 2) the sealing performance recognition method: in the cup ( pot) after adding water, in a clockwise direction bottle or cup lid, put the cup ( pot) flat on the table, should have no water exudation; Cup ( pot) cover and the cup mouth is screwed into the screw out should be flexible, there is no gap. Fill a glass with water upside down for four or five minutes, or force a few left to verify whether water leakage.
( 3) plastic parts recognition method: food grade new plastic characteristics: small smell, bright surface, no burr, long service life and is not easy to aging. Common plastic or plastic recycling characteristics: strong odor, color gray, burr, easy aging of easy fracture of plastic. This will not only affect the using life, will also affect the sanitation of the drinking water.
( 4) the capacity of simple identification method: the depth and height of the inner shell is basically the same, ( phase 16-18mm ) capacity and the nominal value of consistency.
( 5) a simple identification method of stainless steel materials: stainless steel material specifications, including 18/8 ( 304) said the stainless steel material containing 18% chromium, 8% nickel, reached the standard materials, in line with the national food standard is green products, products antirust, corrosion resistance.
( 6) the cup appearance recognition method. A look at the inner and outer surface is uniform, have bumps and scratch defects; two see mouth welding is smooth and uniform, which related to the water feeling comfort; three see internal sealing is tight, and the cup body is a plug matching; four at the cup mouth, more better.
( 7) check cup tag attachment. To see whether the product name, volume, diameter, the name and address of the factory, the standard number, use method and matters needing attention in use. With an emphasis on quality of the manufacturers, will strictly comply with relevant state standards require an explicit performance of its products.
Customers in the selection of products should also pay attention to, not only the appearance, but also should pay attention to its specification for insulation products. It is now part of the product appearance generous novel, extremely similar insulation products, but there is no insulation performance. If there is a " wonderful Cup ", green cup body, delicate shape, smooth lines, feel comfortable, product is not a consumer fraud, because of its specification was marked as clear as noonday can do " warm winter and summer is not hot ", hand, consumers can only blame their own eyes.
We buy in the glass thermos bottle, can also be used as identification method:
See thermal insulation container and the silver coating is uniform, no shedding, unscrew base, the vacuum pumping port.
Insulation Cup ( pot, bottle ) the matters needing attention in using:
Insulation cup cannot long, milk, green tea or a fruit juice carbonated drinks, first used with neutral detergent to wash.
In the use of the process to avoid the collision and impact, in order to avoid damage of the cup body or plastic, resulting in insulation failure or water leakage. Tighten the screw plug forcibly when appropriate, do not have force to rotate, so as to avoid screw thread failure. Often drink coffee, tea or beverage, liner will change this is a normal phenomenon, with a toothbrush dipped in toothpaste can be removed.

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