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The thermal insulation Cup in hand, can not only from the surface gives warm, winter is our skin dry season, so few of the presence of moisture, so it can be from the heart to our initial warm oh. In reality we know how to should be still insulation Cup? Let us go on!
Insulation cup is generally made of ceramic or stainless steel with vacuum layer made of water container, top cover, tight sealing, vacuum insulation layer is arranged in the insulation cup can make liquid such as water cooling has reached the purpose of corrosion insulation. Insulation cup is a thermos bottle of development, insulation principle is with a thermos flask alike, people just for the convenience of the bottles to be. Thermal transmission in three ways: radiation, convection and transfer. Insulation Cup silver cup bile can reflect water cup liner and the cup body radiation, vacuum can block the heat transfer, and not easy to transfer heat to the bottle can prevent heat convection. Now the thermos bottle, but also uses the magnetized water principle, is at the bottom of the bottle and the bottle cap with magnet, so that the magnetization of water. Reportedly, the magnetized water has magical efficacy.
Here, insulation Cup evolution we clearly again!
In summer we is it right? Need a cold insulation cup cold? In winter we is it right? Need a warm fashion partner? Fashion exquisite insulation Cup in the summer to give you cool feeling! In the middle of winter bring you warm oh!

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