Long legged insulation Cup(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2017-01-17
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Never don't love with insulation Cup, always feel it dull and heavy, also always wrapped themselves tightly, people could not guess. So has the water in a glass bottle, after drinking the beverage recycling type, transparent, let people see clearly. The winter cold when loaded on boiling water, can also be used to cover their hand, work time and put it in his bosom to warm a morning, almost. Unfortunately, in the winter the past half of the time, one day because in time is too long, the bottle of water to warm me but I was ignored, someone called me, he stood up without thinking, then use the long glass bottle fell from my body, fell to the ground and broke into a glass.
Originally wanted to buy a bottle of drink to use glass, build the brother said that in the winter with insulation cup is better, also specially bought me a. Very common kind, stainless steel, as in the past to heavy with. And I will remember the first time I saw it for tea cup with insulation situation, because never used, most probably it did not actually happen to the tea in the tea at above, filled with water tea all floating up, let people drink tea never down. Then talk about the matter, let me very embarrassed. Perhaps this is the reason why I don't like it, but since there is, it will use. At the beginning, the lip is hot for many times, because always impatient, and the hand feel its temperature. Then slowly accustomed to its rhythm, offer it bubble tea continued good water, so its warmth within reach, not warm in the hand but warm in the heart of that, when found, insulation Cup 's heart not as it appears to be. It always receives approach and give it a source of warmth, then try to take the warm longer, when people are in need and take the initiative to its demands, it also generously it warmth to you.
Think carefully, I have the same as insulation Cup ... ...

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