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Recommended insulation Cup buyer @ 80 moms. Many parents are like me, give children to buy daily necessities are very hard, in preparation for children to buy school drinking cup, I sat in front of the computer to search for a day, could not find a good quality, suitable for children to use the drinking cup. Finally in a Guangzhou City crown Xin Seoul Trade Limited company website to see a very lovely Disney cup, Disney is a very attractive brand, Disney cartoon character modeling for its user-friendly, simple happy, healthy personality, by children and young people's favorite, I often buy this brand Dongdong, quality has safeguard, but the Disney cup is it right? Genuine come? I will try, see the site has a dedicated customer service specialist, so I ask again, I received the customer service is very patient Mr. Cai, many of my doubts have been resolved, also made a Walt Disney's authorization to me, finally in the net shop on the purchase of the Disney cartoon children learn to drink cup insulation, gave a straw mouth, true intentions of the shop. Baby holding this school drinking cup, drink more diligent...


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