" Office worker" required a thermos cup(Hits:) 
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Our working definition may is the nine-to-five work during work time, maybe a lot of people like to use disposable paper cups, but you know that such behavior is not environmental protection, not very healthy? So for health reasons, should buy a practical and durable glass, and the insulation cup is best oh. Introduce to everybody below what are the benefits of using thermal insulation cup:
Advantages of a new cup, before use, please use boiling water or cold water preheating or precooling for 5-10 minutes, then can make the insulation effect is better.
The advantages of two, new insulation Cup before use, must use boiling water or add some edible detergent wash several times repeatedly, is designed for high temperature disinfection.
The advantages of three, water quantity is not too full, so as not to tighten the cup cover, boiling water overflow scald consciousness.
Four advantages, drinking hot water please drink slowly, so as not to burn. Insulation cup what brand is best?
The advantages of five, containing milk, milk products and fruit juice carbonated drinks such as " not a very long time.
The advantages of six, after drinking, tighten the cup cover, ensuring clean.
The advantages of seven, when cleaning can use the soft cloth or by warm water dilution of the consumption of cleaning agents cleaning carefully.
The advantages of eight, if the stainless steel cup for containing iron containing material produced after some red rust spots, available water adding vinegar to soak for thirty minutes, then wash away.
Nine advantages, in order to prevent the odor or stains, clean, make insulation Cup fully dry.
Health cup, it is not only for life to promote environmental protection but also for our health a responsible. The insulation cup is basic common sense, I believe everyone to everyone in the use of the cup has a warning function, therefore, we choose a fashion exquisite insulation Cup, not only has the face, the body is healthy. Choose healthy lifestyle what are you waiting for? Throw away your disposable cups, the use of health and fashion on the insulation Cup!


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