The winter diet guide: tea cup with insulation can make nutrition loss(Hits:) 
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The arrival of winter, the temperature is low, the days are short and the nights are long, human activity relative reduction, increased appetite. When we use the diet to increase the heat to the cold than. Not only to satisfy the appetite, but ignore the physical conditioning and maintenance. Tin cup industry specially for you collect all types for winter diet and health information, so that you and your family healthy and happy every day!
Many people like to put a cup in the office, the drawer to prepare a tea, a work began with insulation cup to drink tea, drink tea to work is still warm, think this is a taste, also think that tea can preserve heat for a long time, but this approach is wrong.
Tea is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients, is a natural health beverage, which contains polyphenols, caffeine, tea pigment, tannin, and has various pharmacological effect. If the insulation cup tea, tea long time immersion in hot water, just like the warm fire decoction, tea polyphenol, tannin and other substances will be a large number of leaching, the strong tea color, a bitter taste. At the same time, because has maintained high temperature, tea in the aromatic oil will soon large volatilization, tannic acid, theophylline effusion, which not only reduces the nutritional value of the tea, tea is also reduced, so that the harmful substances increase. In addition, nutrients such as vitamin C at the temperature over 80 ℃will be destroyed, the long time high temperature immersion will make its overmuch loss, thereby reducing the health function of tea.
In addition, some people also use enamel tea tea, this is wrong. Enamel Tea with long prone to wear, the iron is exposed, metal components with tea and dissolved, so that tea color yellow and lose flavor, and Enamel Tea, heat, heat quickly, will also be emitted. Accordingly, should not use insulation glass and Enamel Tea tea, if you want to drink tea, can use the sand-fired pot or ceramic tea brewing, tea is good, then pour into the insulation Cup


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