Thermal insulation kettle tea method(Hits:) 
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1 tight and heavy in appearance of tea
1) hot cup, the suitable temperature of water into the cup, then take tea into the pot insulation, no capping. At this time the tea slowly sinking, dry tea to absorb moisture, leaf expansion, the budding leaf leaves nature, bud is like gun leaf Ruqi; soup with tea water vapor continuously rise, such as the rosy clouds are slowly rising. Such as spring snail, this time is like snow, the bottom of the leaf heap, fresh as a student. The leaves of the United States, " spring dyed submarine " reputation.
2) after a period of time, the tea cool to taste, to tea. This is a bubble. Tea evaluation, to 5 minutes as the standard, tea drinking and of the temperature was 45-55c. If it is higher than that of 60C, hot hot nose; less than 40C, relatively low aroma, taste more astringent. This time is not easy to control. As with a coffee pot, I generally use the cups, feel appropriate temperature is suitable for drinking; such as bowl, pour a little tea for slightly to check the temperature of the dorsum of the hand. Fully rely on experience, so practice is the most important.
3) the first bubble tea, is one-third, can add water. This is the two bubble. If the tea fat tea, two tea soup thick, after drinking the tongue tooth buccal health fragrant, sweet, with a long finish. Drink to the bubble of three, generally tea has pale. The brewing method, in addition to spring snail, is also suitable for flat water tea, Chung Creek Huoqing, spoon Maojian Junshan silver needle, Mount Lu cloud relatively tight knot of tea.
2 cable exhibition loose tea
These tea, such as using the above method, then the tea floating on the soup, not easy to soaking sink. Should use the following methods:
1) hot cup, taking tea into the cup. At higher temperature cup has a drying out of tea.
2) into the warm water, and thermal insulation kettle capacity 1/3 (or less, but should cover the tea ) now need to pay attention to the water injection method. Tea houses, generally is applied directly to the water impact of tea, I think this is not the proper way. This kind of tea itself more stretch, without the use of the impulsive force of water, but easy to burn the leaves. I adopted the method, such as the coffee pot, then along the edge of glass bowl water, will cover in turn attached to the cup side, the water is injected into the lid, along the edge of glass and. Then gently swaying tea, make tea make infiltration. This tea high Yu, can not drink, but it is my best
3) after about two minutes, until the tea water stretch, then flush to the full.
4) other steps, all with the same compact tea suitable for this method, there is Lu'an melon, Mount Huangshan Mao Feng, Taiping Houkui, Shucheng orchid. Some bands are not particularly tight knot is a special exhibition loose tea, two methods can be used, but also his habits.


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